The nose is the weak link

You touch your nose up to 550 times per day. The entry point for most respiratory infections.

NatShield® Nasal Protecting Balm with 5% Protectene® protects your nose in 3 ways.

Natshield Nasal Protecting Balm with 5% Protectene protects your nose in 3 ways.


Patented U.S. proprietary technology to concentrate and harness the powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties whilst maintaining the potency of a natural citrus extract


Natural, Gentle, yet powerful on pathogens


is natural, non-toxic, non-alcohol base, safe for infants, children adults, elderly and even pets

50 years of Premier Analytical Testing Laboratory

Leading International Group of Laboratories

Malaysia Leading Testing Laboratory

“A nasal balm that effectively and naturally protects the nasal passage for 12 hours is a wonderful addition in these trying times. Be Safe”

Dr. Roscoe M. Moore Jr.
– United State Deputy Surgeon General (Retired)
– Board of Directors, Global Virus Network
– Board of Advisors, Institute for Human Virology