NatShield™ is the world’s first all-natural, chemical and alcohol-free, plant-based sanitizer.

It’s Path-Away®. This unique component is a grapefruit extract derived using proprietary technology by Global Infection Control Consultants LLC. The only other element is water.

Although effective at their job in sanitizing, alcohol and chemical formulas tend to have their side effects. They are harsher to the skin, breaking down skin barriers over time and causing dryness. They can also be hazardous to health especially if accidentally ingested, making them unsafe for young children and pets. And because they are highly flammable, they can’t be used in certain environments, such as the kitchen for one.

NatShield™ provides lasting protection for up to 8 hours with one application, far outlasting alcohol and chemicals which quickly evaporate, leaving you vulnerable. Thanks to its natural formula, NatShield™ does not dry your skin and is non-toxic even if ingested, which makes it great for everyone including those with skin problems or infants to use. Feel free to use NatShield™ everywhere, and on everyone – it really is that safe because it’s purely natural.

This gentle formula is great for everyone – even pregnant women, infants and young children, people with skin sensitivities, and pets!

NatShield™ is wholly natural and has a non-toxic formula, but because one of the derivatives is from the grapefruit, those with a rare allergy to the fruit might wish to consider this and attempt a patch test before using NatShield™.

Not at all. It’s gentle formula means it’s safe for even babies and the elderly to use.

For personal protection, you may spray on your hands or any skin surface, avoiding the eyes. But you can use NatShield™ on any surface too, and even in the air to protect yourself from airborne pathogens.

For the balms, apply at your nasal capacity as a line of defense, and the wipes are convenient single-use options to wipe down your skin or other surfaces.

Yes. It’s not affected by sunlight or outdoor elements.

Yes. The odorless formula means it’s discreet too!

Yes. It’s non-toxic protection works great indoors even with air-conditioning. In fact, it’s meant to circulate and help kill airborne pathogens, so use it with ease!

That’s the beauty of NatShield™ – the antiseptic properties help with cuts and wounds as well. But if you accidentally get some in your eyes and feel a little discomfort, please proceed to flush with water and seek medical attention if the discomfort persists.

No. The formula is odorless.

No. The transparent formula leaves no trace.

Up to 8 hours under the best circumstances, unless washed off.

Yes. But why would you? 🙂

The active ingredient Path-Away® was made by Dr. Arthur V. Martin in the early 2000s after four years of research and development. NatShield™ is a product created from that innovation.

NatShield™ is proudly produced in the USA.

Our products include a spray sanitizer, nasal balm and wet wipes.

Currently, the ingredients used to make Path-Away® have already been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration “FDA” Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), and exempted by the Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” as it is non-toxic. Its broad efficacy is listed in the United States Pharmacopeia as having undergone successful USP-51 (Antimicrobial Efficacy Test) testing as a disinfectant/sanitizer, and also enjoys exemption from the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive tolerance requirements.

It has been approved by the New Zealand EPA as a “non-rinse” sanitizer for use in the food industry, and also listed and approved similarly in many Asian countries, with pending registrations in China and India.

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Proven effective against over 150 pathogens, NatShield™ with Path-Away® adds another to its list of efficacy – that of USA-WA1/2020, the virus strain that causes Covid-19 in humans.

This October 2020, leading United States Government accredited testing facility, Microbac Laboratories, released definitive results of their testing to certify and announce that Path-Away® achieved a 3-Log reduction (99.9%) of the SARS-Cov-2 virus within two minutes on a hard non-porous surface.

With this conclusive milestone validation from the Virucidal Hard-Surface Efficacy Test, Global Infection Control Consultants, LLC (GICC) believes this makes NatShield™ the world’s first wholly natural and safe organic disinfectant to meet the USA testing standards.

This will expedite the listing requirements into Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “N-List”, and allow parent company Holista Colltech to make submissions to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for labelling of NatShield™ as an aerosol disinfectant, for dry fogging and HVAC systems.This will accelerate the formula’s role in fighting pathogens beyond personal use products, and into an environmental agent that is safe for all but the pathogens.

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